Saturday, October 1, 2011

Listen, Harlem is for Harlemites!

Saw this recent high-minded addition to the plywood surrounding the site at the southeast corner of 125th and Fifth Ave.

You'd think that this is passe already, but I guess those damned Dutch just won't give it up!


  1. It's simple: if you look at a mirror and you don't see a dark skin person from the working class, then you are also part of that gentrification.

  2. Jokes about the Dutch actually being in the area first (followed by Eastern European Jews, of course) aside, race and class warfare is not productive and it inaccurately portrays people's involvement and interest in the community.

    The new Applebees on 125th and 5th, the new restaurants on Lenox, the Wild Olive grocery store, etc., etc., etc. - none of that would be possible if the Harlem from the 70's and 80's continued on the path it was on. I guess that's gentrification, but is that not a good thing? I see more people in that Applebees day and night than any other restaurant around, so folks clearly feel a benefit from it being there instead of the dilapidated building that was once there (though I did like that Chinese take out place).

    A neighborhood has to attract newcomers (of whatever race/class) in order to grow economically. And newcomers of all stripes have been gotten involved in all parts of the community - from the Marcus Garvey Park Alliance to the MMPCIA to the community gardens to actually starting local businesses.

    But back to your statement, how is what you said any better than whites from 60 years ago saying "well, there goes the neighborhood!" when a darker skinned person moved into their neighborhood - and right before they fled to the suburbs? It's not any better and in fact, it's the very same thing. Aren't we past that? Well, this white guy is. Hopefully you are too.