Thursday, August 25, 2011

1 Year Later

Wow - it's been a whole year (actually more) since my last post.

I started MMM on a lark and have actually been surprised to get the interest that the blog has received.  It's been fun providing information and opinion about the goings on in and around the Mount Morris Park 

That said, other sources are more consistently posting updates and have more timely and complete news, like DNA Info, Harlem + Bespoke and UptownFlavor.  (I wholeheartedly recommend checking them out).  That, and a busy schedule, are two of the reasons I stopped posting to this blog.

But this is not goodbye!  I'll start to post again - periodically - but will focus more on observations, opinions and reviews related to our local businesses, restaurants, real estate and of course, the center of it all, Marcus Garvey Park.

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