Monday, June 7, 2010

Update: 3 Stabbing Victims Not Related, Attacker Still At-Large

I saw an update on the stabbing that occurred the morning of May 28th and knew Monitor readers would want an update.  Perry Jenkins was one of the victims and reports in the New York Daily News that:
"This guy just walked up to me, and he started mumbling," said Jenkins. "I was just trying to get home, and I got stabbed. I thought he was punching me."

He said he didn't realize he was being stabbed until his attacker was hovering over him.
"I looked up and I saw the knife," he said. "It was like a large butcher knife that you have in your kitchen that you use to chop onions."
Jenkins insists that he did not know the attacker or the other two victims.  The attacker is still at-large.  Which begs the question - how does somebody stab three people at a crowded subway stop and get away in Marcus Garvey Park?  It'd be hard enough to evade police in Central Park, but little Marcus Garvey Park?  

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