Thursday, May 27, 2010

Menu: Lee Lee's Baked Goods to close May 31, unless...

Lee Lee's Baked Goods is not a store I was familiar with until just recently.  I walked past the store a few weekends ago for the first time and peered into the window (the store was closed).  No products on the shelves and the refrigerator in the front looked like it needed some cleaning.  If I'm being honest, there was no way I intended to return.

What I did not realize is that the owner was making arrangements to close up his store.  Lack of business was the cause.  I also did not realize just how good his baked goods are.

So I'm joining a last ditch effort to save a local Harlem business, whose products are apparently superb (we love superb local food products!), but whose business has nonetheless suffered.

Please place an order - as large as possible! - today and throughout the weekend.  But also support Mr. Lee by letting him know from a customer perspective what is needed for him to succeed. So much of owning a business is guess-work about what your customers need and expect - so many simply vote with their feet instead of giving honest feedback.  Ideas for marketing, how do you rate cleanliness of his store, what would make the store more inviting, are prices in line (should he charge more/less), are the store hours consistent (and what store hours are best for you the customer?), etc.

Lee Lee's Bakery is at 283 West 118th Street, between Frederick Douglass Blvd (8th Avenue) and St. Nick. Telephone: 917-493-6633.

UPDATE, Saturday 5/29:  I walked over to Lee Lee's this afternoon at 3pm to show support, purchase some of his rugelachs and hopefully keep a local baker in business.  And the store was closed!  In the middle of the afternoon.  May be a great baker and wonderful guy, but that's a terrible way to do business.


  1. OK - I think I opened a Google account.
    Thank you for your post on Lee Lee's and for your support.
    I'm also pleased to have found your wonderful & informative blog.
    Creative blessings,
    Lynn @ AFineLyne

  2. Thank you so much Lynn! I checked out your website and love your artwork - so cool to do those local establishments.

  3. Thanks for posting the story on Lee, Lee's. I hope there is some new development over the weekend. Thank you both for providing comments! Much appreciated.
    And your site is on our blog roll! Love it!